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We help teams

  reflect together and to plan for their next “Act.”

Contact us to discuss your 
organization's upcoming intermission

The Intermission Co. is an organizational consulting practice that serves leadership teams through the design and facilitation of team off-sites, “Intermissions.”   


In the theatre, an Intermission is an intentional break in the action.  With today's fast, brief, electronic exchanges, it it especially powerful for teams to carve out time to pause the action and think together in person.  


We work with leaders to design and facilitate the critical conversations that allow teams to achieve truly break-through moments. 



Each organization and team is unique. However, there are types of intermissions that are most common.


Which of the following apply to your team?

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Prep time may range from a few weeks to a few months.

We see great benefits when teams gather outside of their daily setting.


Defining A Clear Direction


You have a new strategic direction or product concept – but it is still in the early, “fuzzy” stage.  The concept means different things to different people.   An Intermission can help you define a clear, common vision that can be translated into action.


Kicking Off a New Team


Your new team has been launched.  It is an ideal time to lay groundwork for working together.  An Intermission can support an emerging team to connect, to define mission, and to establish how they will collaborate.


Planning and Goal-Setting


Your team needs to gather to define strategic goals, prioritize projects, or make decisions.  An Intermission can help your cross-functional team to establish aligned priorities and clear plans of action.



Learning Experiences


Your team needs to improve an organizational capability or skill.  An Intermission can be a custom-designed engaging, experiential learning session to build a key capability..


Clarifying Process and Roles


Your organization needs to improve a critical process or define roles.  A series of small workshops can help teams to clarify and codify.


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Amanda Silber Levitt


As a translator across disciplines, Amanda helps teams reach shared vision and tangible plans to drive the development of products, processes and organizations.

She has been serving corporate and not-for-profit organizations for seven years.   


Prior to consulting, Amanda spent a decade in the software industry at companies including Intuit Software and Broderbund Software, as a Producer on the acclaimed Carmen Sandiego series. She brings a creative lens from her background in game design, education and theatre direction. 


Amanda earned her MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University and her BA in English from Harvard.











"Amanda excels at effectively working through the confusion to bring clarity and alignment across leadership teams.  At Electronic Arts, she has demonstrated this with existing teams as well as newly formed leadership teams.  I appreciate her facilitation style and marvel at how quickly she is able to get a team of diverse thinkers and functional leads to align around a mission, vision and culture that supports business objectives."


--Kim Miller, Senior Director HR, Electronic Arts



"Re-designing your customer experience when you have sharp, creative leaders with passionate opinions isn’t easy.  That's why we hired Amanda to lead our leadership team through a series of off-sites that drew upon our perspectives and painted a clear picture of the future Sephora online experience - with concrete next steps.  Amanda has a unique ability to deeply understand and integrate diverse opinions while keeping “how we execute” top-of-mind. I highly recommend Amanda as a partner for leaders looking to rally teams around developing a vision to the point where they are ready to drive it forward themselves."


--Julie Bornstein, COO, Stitch Fix (Former CMO of Sephora)



"Amanda facilitated our participation and presented the roadmap that we had crafted as a unified group....I was particularly interested in how she communicated and laid out a plan for communication.  Both were superb!  Amanda is easy to work with, impressive in her strategic scope, and someone I would call upon again and again."


--Mary Pacifico Curtis, CEO, Pacifico, Inc. (CMTSJ Board Member)



"I asked Amanda to coach my team on their presentation styles.  Starting with that seed of an idea, Amanda crafted a day of professional development for my team that was much more creative, interactive, and valuable than the original vision.  I have received great feedback across the board."


--Peter Laub, EVP, EdTec



"I hired Amanda to work with me and my team on a complex reorientation of our work.  She was able to adeptly take abstract concepts and provide structure for our discussions.  She listened carefully and pushed at the right moments to move us forward. The end product resulted in a universal approach that my entire team could work with to achieve our goals. I would highly recommend Amanda for future projects and would look to retain her again myself."


--Adin Miller, Senior Director, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco



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